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Susan G. Komen West Michigan grant dollars will fund essential breast cancer services for early detection and treatment. Determined to save lives and end breast cancer forever, Susan G. Komen West Michigan has awarded six grants totaling more than $235, 000 to local organizations that are providing breast cancer services/programs to uninsured and underserved populations in West Michigan.

Many people have been enjoying the Grand Rapids Life Calendar for the past five yearsa free calendar featuring life around Grand Rapids through photos taken by people who live in the area. This calendar is provided by locally owned Heritage Life Story Funeral Homes and has inspired many local photographers who enter the photo contest each year. 

Sydney’s Boutique is hosting a series of events throughout the city to highlight local talent produced by Grand Rapids Public Schools, as a celebration of our community. These events will include appearances by many local leaders and celebrities. Events include a live jam session with local bands, a day of workshops with GRPS students including scholarships opportunities, and a New York-style runway fashion show.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Management has distributed five thousand sandbags today and an additional twelve-thousand are now being distributed to local units of government to further assist residents. Residents are urged to call in the local township in advance to be certain there are bags available. Check with individual townships for “after hours” dissemination. Sand is available through several suppliers including Ralph Meyers Trucking, De Went Gravel, Mulch Pro, and S & M Gravel. It is important to only fill sandbags just more than half full. This way the sand can settle to fill voids in the wall once it is built. Along with placing sandbags where water is expected to rise quickly, residents are advised to take precautionary measures such as raising items off of the ground level. There is no charge for the sand bags, however they must be used for flood prevention purposes.

Jennifer Jurgens beat breast cancer by getting a test her mother didn't get in time. Her mom died of breast cancer at age 36, when Jurgens was just 12.

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