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As a small business owner, managing growth can be the most challenging part of running a company. When do you add another person? Is one more client going to push us over the edge? How much more can my staff manage? Do we expand our service offerings?

Michigan Women's Foundation, an organization dedicated to social and economic equality for Michigan women and girls, is launching a new program for female business owners. The program, PeerSpectives® Roundtables for the Emerging Second Stager, or PRESS, is part of MWF's growing entrepreneur empowerment footprint in West Michigan.

"Empowerment can have a greater impact on your bottom line than any other strategy you implement," said leadership consultant Michelle Steffes, CPLC.

What if your team supported your vision, your ideals, and the excellence you desire for your organization? What if they had an unstoppable sense of ownership, loyalty, and passion to expand your business?

It's a fine balance between being involved in your industry or company, community, family, et cetera, and taking on so much that you enjoy little of it.

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