Where do YOU want to go?

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I’m always rather stunned when I talk with someone who proclaims—almost as an anti-badge of honor—that he or she has never traveled outside of his or her home state. 

I haven’t traveled much, compared to some. I’ve traveled precious little, undoubtedly, compared to many. But it isn’t for lack of interest! There are many places I’d like to go, events I’d like to experience, places I’d like to see. There are places I’d like to revisit—for memory’s sake, or to see how they’ve changed over the years. There are places that I am amazed people visit, or even want to visit.  

Most people have traveled, to some extent. Some like to fly. Some—including your less-traveled author—like to drive, with the opportunity to travel straight through, make a few stops, or see the sights, on a whim. (I prefer the road less traveled, too. Although that’s not always as nifty as my poetic heart would want it to be.) 

We write about a lot of adventures, locally in West Michigan Woman and throughout the nation and the world in some of our other publications. We write about the towns, the sounds, the sights, the sites, the states, the greats, the highways, the byways, the near, the far … Where do you want to go? If you could plan a dream trip or adventure, what would it be? 

The sun is shining, the skies are blue, the clouds are drifting, the birds are making an appearance, and my mind is wandering, wandering, wandering. Where my daydreams will stop, nobody knows. 

Written by: Amy L Charles is the editor of West Michigan Woman magazine.  


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