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During this time of being confined to our homes, cabin fever inevitably rears its head. Reward yourself for being safe and making responsible choices by checking out these ways to explore West Michigan—and the world—from the safety of your own home.

The dynamic between mothers and daughters can range broadly. Whether you're already BFFs or looking to strengthen your connection, a vacation together could build bonds and create special memories you'll carry for a lifetime.

The Great Lakes are a natural marvel we Michiganders know and love, providing 84% of North America's surface freshwater used for consumption, transportation, power, recreation and more. Now, thanks to Viking, there's an opportunity to experience the Great Lakes in a whole new way.

Tucked between her thumb and index finger, nestled in her palm, scattered along her many lifelines and just outside her grasp in the UP, the Mitten State is filled with unfamiliar spots—waiting to welcome their would-be visitors.

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