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In West Michigan, we know a thing to two about beaches, but do you have beach bag packing down to a science? Entertain your friends and family at the beach with these essential items:

This holiday weekend has hot temps in store, and we're guessing your grill will be sizzling too. What are you serving alongside your charbroiled perfection? Here are some menu suggestions:

Looking for a personal touch to your backyard barbeque? Try these do-it-yourself centerpieces that take seconds and leave plenty of time for you to enjoy the party yourself. You'll need mason jars, olive oil, and photographs. 

Don't be caught on Christmas Eve or the afternoon before a birthday party with a shortage of gift-wrapping supplies. Keep a few things on hand year-round so you'll be ready when the last minute invites pop up in the mail.

You hang up the phone, cheeks sore from smiling (apparently a smile can be conveyed through our voices), throat sore from so much optimism, and then the reality of the call hits–your in-laws are coming for a visit. Your mind instantly goes into list-making mode–groceries to buy, cracks and crannies to scrub clean, and then it goes blank. But before you stress about the impending visit, remind yourself that your in-laws love you, and that's why they're coming to stay (theoretically).

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