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During a recent Inforum Affinity Group activity, I learned that even though I'm an adult and have been living on my own—and paying my own bills—for years, sometimes I need to tackle financial lessons like a little girl. At the end of the month, even if your dollars may not be many, the details that go into plotting and carrying out monetary success are. So, get your duckies in a row! 

As kids, we loved the prospect of a snow day. I can still remember the thrill of getting to fall back to sleep on a blustery morning, then spending the entire day doing anything but going to school. But now, with a daughter of my own, snow days aren't so exciting. Instead of relaxing, snow days are anxiety-ridden as I try to figure out how to provide care for my child while I'm at the office. 

As a recent college graduate, I am finding that keeping up with paying the bills and affording gas and food is a lot to handle on a small budget income. But it is nothing like those I know who have student loans to pay off as well. 

In January 2012, I wrote a blog about selecting ONE word as a theme for the upcoming year. Sixty percent of people don’t follow through on their New Year’s resolutions anyway, so why not try something new, right?

When I went to college, I was undecided in a major and, frankly, my career path in general. It just seemed like such a big decision to choose what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, because, in reality, it was easier to ask what I did NOT want to do with it. My first year of college was such a kaleidoscope of courses that my dad would like to tease me, “So what major are you this week?” I would start down one path, only to find another that intrigued me just as much. There were just so many things that interested me! I spent hours trying to get as much information as possible about every career and major out there. I’m pretty sure I was driving myself close to madness, because I’m a planner and always will be. I like to have a strategy, a goal, a direction; but instead, I had nothing except ideas and maybes.

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