Sugar-Coated Super Bowl

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superbowl-downloadFootball blood has been pumping through my husband’s veins since 8th grade. For me it started in 11th grade when I could wear his #30 jersey. Now over 20 years later, our family continues to live, breath, and eat football through Mark’s coaching responsibilities, our son’s love for the game, and the NFL. (Yes, even the NFL draft is a date on our family calendar!)

So a few years ago, my husband started a fun Super Bowl game with our four kids that now ranks up there with opening Christmas presents (okay, maybe not that high…but close!) We wanted to share it with our audience because it makes the Super Bowl interactive and sugar-coated.

Download the Super Bowl Candy Quiz
and take a look!
Here's a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make time to shop for the specific candy because there’s a punny prize for every question.
  2. Before the kick off have everyone complete a quiz and put one person in charge of tracking the questions. Typically a male is best since they have a better grasp of the terminology and don’t get side-tracked by conversations in the room.
  3. Figure out how you will give away prizes when there's more than one person who gets the answer correct. For our family, we do rock, paper, scissors or guess a number behind the back. We also give priority to someone who hasn't won a prize. You can choose your own way to divy up the candy.

Enjoy and go Lions for 2015…I would have two very happy boys in my life if we could get into the big game.

mark isaac

Written by: Stephanie TeSlaa excels at using both the right and left sides of her brain, and that’s exactly what makes her so special. Stephanie calls Hudsonville home and is a lover of numbers and also a talented photographer. 

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