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Expanded learning is a family affair in West Michigan, thanks to the legacy of the Malone's. Cultivating educational opportunities at Sylvan Learning centers across the west side of the state since 1985, the company works to help more students every year by employing top-notch teachers and trending tools.

Dr. Natalie Goran, founder of Celsia MediSpa in Muskegon, has treated the uneven, the wrinkled, and the rosacea. But while she knows most women (and even men) have something about their skin they'd like to change, her understanding of common aging conditions goes more than skin deep. "My motto," she said, "is beauty comes from inside."

Peering up from their grandfather's knee, Denna Arnold's children grew up with storytelling, which enhanced their ability to dream. Now, other children will develop creative minds thanks to Denna's children's book, Grandpa, What Happened to Your Hair? The book, "fifteen years in the making" she said, is Denna's tribute to her dad and his vivid imagination. 

Strong in body, mind, and spirit, Dany Lyn Redwine-Bucks beat the odds and her breast cancer. Now, she's standing up against another debilitating force. As an African-American, it is not in Dany's nature to share her own struggles with othersincluding her familybut she knows in order to save lives, she must tell her story. 

Before she was an award-winning writer, editor, and strategist, Dawn Pick Benson wrestled with the concept of leadership and her role as a leader. Now having had career experience in corporate, non-profit, and higher education sectors, Dawn has reconciled her beliefs about leadership and has decided to make an impact on her world.

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