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The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) has selected Barb DePree, MD, as the 2013 NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner of the Year (NCMP). The award acknowledges Dr. DePree’s “exceptional contributions” to menopause care, in particular her work speaking out publicly and to midlife women about how sexual intimacy changes as we age and how to deal with those changes.

The best kind of exercise is the kind you don't dread. For Ahme Boveé, a love for Pilates has kept her fit, healthy, and in business for fifteen years. As the founder of Pilates in East of East Grand Rapids, Ahme is sharing her passion for a healthy body and mind with students and teachers across the state. But she didn't start out in East Grand Rapids, or even in the United States. 

International singer and song writer Amanda Vernon says it's "complex" to be on the road for a year-long tour with her husband and two toddlers"but not much more complex than just having toddlers." Since July, the foursome has made stops across the continental United States. But they plan to stick closer to home this fall, especially as Amanda is one of the featured artists at Grand Rapids' ArtPrize Musician Showcase, September 20. 

Diana Sieger has captained the ship of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation since 1987. Since then, the organization has grown in assets from $35 million to $260 million, and with Diana at the helm, citizens of Kent County and beyond are reaping the benefits of her determination and stellar work ethic.

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