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Now that the election is over, investors are in a dilemma, wondering what the future has in store for their investment portfolios. The reality is that while elections may have short-term impact on the markets, over time, their impact is minimal. The global Free Market is a lifetime academic strategy based on capitalism, which always finds a way to thrive, even through the toughest of times. 

Betty, one of our retiree clients, must make a pension decision soon—and she does not want any retirement income stress! She could do nothing, leave it in a fixed account with a guaranteed lifetime income, or move it tax-free to her IRA. She is confused on what is best for her future.

It is your portfolio’s asset allocation, broad global diversification, that you must be most concerned about, more than any other investment strategy or determinant—not stock picking, not market timing, not track record investing, and not costs. Brinson, Singer, and Beebower, in their 1996 “Determinants of Portfolio Performance II: An Update” research paper, confirmed their earlier research that more than ninety-one percent of your portfolio’s performance, appreciation, and growth is dependent on asset allocation. This is very important, so I’ll say it again: More than ninety-one percent of your portfolio’s returns come from prudent diversification!

The holidays aren’t happy or wonderful for everyone. 

Ladies, you could stop worrying about your investments by taking control with three Free Market steps to making better investment decisions. Stop worrying about your money not working hard enough to support your lifestyle, or missing out on the market.  

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