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West Michigan Woman sat down with Elizabeth Schenk, Owner and Lead Designer, Posh Petals, to discuss her vision behind the floral design for the upcoming Wine & Wig event in October, why having an all-female team rocks and why she's passionate about supporting the community.

Cozy. Charming. Full of character. Intimate.

Although roughly 30 million people in the U.S. are affected by eating disorders, most of us don't know much about these diseases. First, let's tackle a few of the myths with some facts.

The vagina, during stimulation and arousal, will sometimes produce its own lubrication. However, there are many things that impact that natural production of vaginal lubricant. When this occurs, lubricants can be a wonderful tool to enhance both partnered and solo sexual activities.

Meet WKLQ-FM "The Q" 94.5—your new local radio station that embraces innovative artists and music from multiple genres previously unheard in West Michigan on a commercial radio station!

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