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As co-owner of DeGraaf Interiors—a family-owned West Michigan business specializing in floor coverings—Deb DeGraaf knows plenty about flooring and surfaces. Starting in the business while in college, she first helped her father with filing and paperwork, then quickly learned and grew to become a dedicated member of the sales and leadership team.

Postpartum depression is just one of the perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) that affect up to 20 percent of pregnant women and those who have recently given birth.

Shopping, art, wine, kid's activities, entertainment and food: What more could you want on a holiday weekend?

A pedicure?! Yoga class by myself?! A bathroom break by myself?! I must be joking right?

When it comes to health concerns, most men think of their physical health and more specifically prostate cancer or illnesses that affected their older male relatives.

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