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Make the most of your money.

In Grand Rapids, right before the pandemic arrived, a small group of women met and carefully broached a taboo topic: money.

According to a National Endowment for Financial Education survey, over four in five (84%) Americans say the COVID-19 pandemic is causing stress on their personal finances—a statistic that's unfortunately not at all surprising.

Taxes. Just that word might make you want to look away and not read any further. But as we turn the page into a new presidential administration and past 2020, I urge you to read about some things that could possibly affect you and your family as tax laws may change.

When I started my career in finance, my mother, without hesitation, said, "Now you're going to know all of the secrets about finance and investing." I feel this is how most conceptualize the world of finance—the idea that a certain population knows how the system works and capitalizes off if it. Those that don't, suffer.

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