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Make the most of your money.

Whether it's through your Pinterest board, saved posts on Instagram or a good old fashioned mood board of magazine clippings, plenty of us have the ultimate dream vacation planned out in our heads ... that one trip you say you'll eventually take "someday." And life, as it so often does, happens. Either your budget doesn't allow for a trip or other high priority commitments take precedence.

When selecting a personal representative to carry out the terms of your will, consider the role's many responsibilities.

Preparing your heirs for sudden wealth can help prevent unwise spending.

You've found yourself feeling down, and end up doing some online shopping—perhaps for items you don't need, with money you don't necessarily have. You're hoping a simple "treat yourself" purchase will enhance your mood, and maybe it does (for a brief moment) ... but then you're left feeling regretful. Sound familiar? You may be engaging in emotional spending.

Consider these tips for maneuvering through the current candidate-driven job market.

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