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Downtown Muskegon will explode this 4th of July as thousands flock to the popular Lakeshore Art Festival and RockStock Music Festival takes over Heritage Landing with music, food, beverage tent and 4th of July Fireworks.

Politics is a highly charged word usually associated with negative, deceptive and self-serving actions. The idea of being politically savvy may make you recoil and conjure up images of slimy, unethical behavior.

What started out in 1982 at a Western Massachusetts elderly housing project to joyfully pass the time instead of passing before your time has developed into the stereotype-defying, genre-bending, generation-crossing musical extravaganza better known as the [email protected] Chorus®. From The New York Times to TIME, The Tonight Show to The Daily Show and stars of the hit indie documentary, [email protected], this group of seniors has toured from Northampton to New Zealand, Europe to Japan, proving it's "possible to grow old without growing boring" (The Dartmouth).

When we mentioned the idea of "remodeling" our logo to a number of different industry experts, without insulting or bluntly stating the facts, we were encouraged to "go for it."

From Start to Finish: The Readers Digest Version

Ten Years. Extraordinary Experiences. 2015 marks a milestone in Inforum's 53-year history with our 10th anniversary in West Michigan.

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