3 Ways to Upgrade Your Self-Care with CBD

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If you're constantly overextended with work and family priorities, it's especially important to invest in your personal wellness. But life gets busy and taking care of yourself can turn into a hassle. You might not have the time to schedule a weekly massage, or the money to test out a bunch of herbal remedies.

Currently, lots of people are discovering the benefits of CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical in the hemp plant. Using CBD has been shown to reduce muscle and joint pain and relieve stress, and with so many CBD-infused products available, it's super simple (and affordable) to add to the small things you're already doing to care for yourself.

1. Bring some in your purse.

A lot of CBD products are small enough to carry with you wherever you go. Try a pain relief stick for when your muscles or joints start to hurt on the job. Swap out your lip balm for one infused with CBD, or keep some CBD lotion in your purse for when an ache flares up, or for when you just need a nice smell and a pick-me-up.

2. Take a bath.

Soaking in the bath feels a little more lavish than the five-minute showers you take before you run to the next task. Enjoy this time to yourself by sitting in the water for a while. Pour yourself a drink, put on a movie, and try a nice-smelling CBD-infused bath soak, which can help relax your muscles and leave you feeling more ready to face what's next.

3. Add some to your drink.

Maybe you're already adding vitamins and protein to your post-workout smoothie. But you can also add CBD tinctures in flavors like honey lemon and peppermint to your morning beverage. Try a few drops in a cup of hot tea for a relaxing ritual. Plus, CBD tinctures are available for pets, in case your dog or cat could use a little extra calm.

To get started in adding CBD to your routine, check out Lume's new upgraded line of CBD products in stores across Michigan or online at Lume-CBD.com.

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