Photography That Tells a Story

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Amanda Montgomery of Arrae Creative believes first impressions last the longest, which is why she's passionate about providing high-quality images that represent people and their businesses online.

A full-service professional photography studio based in Grand Rapids, Montgomery and Arrae Creative have vast capabilities to meet your specific goals.

"On location or in-studio, I'll work with you to develop the images you need to meet your goals," said Montgomery, who specializes in creating stunning images for events, real estate, food and headshot photography. "Photography is my first love and is the only thing I've ever wanted to do with my professional life."

Photography has been Montgomery's career now for over a decade, creating beautiful images that tell a story. Montgomery sees the beauty in human interaction and easily captures the personality of an event, subject or space.

photography-that-tells-a-story-webPhoto courtesy of Amanda Montgomery/Arrae Creative.

"Foodies throw the best dinner parties, though that's probably a bit obvious," Montgomery said of a previous Irie Lemon dinner party shoot. "Liz and Vince together are such a winning combination, not just in flavors, but also in the company. I adored this evening."

photography-that-tells-a-story-web2Photo courtesy of Amanda Montgomery/Arrae Creative.

Montgomery knows it's important to be flexible and enjoys working with others to achieve a client's specific vision, as was the case with a branding session with her client, Brooke.

"Brooke came in with her team and totally transformed the studio to create an environment that would speak to Brooke's aesthetic and brand," Montgomery explained. "This was one of my favorite collaborations and I adore the portraits we created."

photography-that-tells-a-story-web3Photo courtesy of Amanda Montgomery/Arrae Creative.

When La Fiesta needed some environmental marketing photos on short notice, Montgomery delivered.

photography-that-tells-a-story-web4Photo courtesy of Amanda Montgomery/Arrae Creative.

"These two make the best chips right here in Michigan and you all need to run, not walk, to Meijer to grab a bag or three," said Montgomery. "They were in need of some quick environmental portraits for some marketing pieces and I was thrilled to get the call and I love what we created."

To learn more about Montgomery and what she's passionate about offering, visit Arrae Creative.

Courtesy of Arrae Creative.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Montgomery/Arrae Creative.


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