Working Professional Women Pole, Too!

Engage with the West Michigan Woman Community!

Have you ever heard about a friend taking a pole fitness class and wanted to try it out for yourself, but have maybe felt too shy, feel you would be judged, questioned what your colleagues would think, or were afraid of the stigma? Time to change your paradigm.

Pole Fitness is catching Grand Rapids by storm and providing a workout unlike anything you may have experienced. Flirt Fitness Studio not only offers women a killer workout, but they provide a sense of community, acceptance and support for women to feel comfortable in their skin.

You may have heard about it, you may have wanted to try it, you may have asked a friend to come with you; however, you just can't get yourself to take the step. No problem! Level one classes are suitable for all women and are led by trained instructors in a non-judgmental, relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Grab your water bottle, your yoga mat, your comfy clothes and call us today to get into an Introduction Class. Whether you work full-time in an office or are a stay-at-home working mom, Flirt Fitness Studio is the perfect place to let it all go after a stressful day.

Amy Schoonover, Owner and Founder of Flirt Fitness Studio, wants women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and professions to feel loved and strong.

"Every woman that steps into our space, whether they are working professionals or a stay-at-home mom, is amazed at the outpouring kindness that our Flirt Fitness community shares, the change in perception of the sport before and after the class and the other people just like them who are taking classes," Schoonover said. "The stigma is about the adult industry, and we're changing this perception. We have professional women, mothers and daughters, stay-at home moms and women of all ages and body sizes—we accept you as you are."

Schoonover notes that the studio focuses on the sport, the empowerment of women, the environment to be who you are as a woman and the fantastic workout you will experience.

"Whether you like to live your life 'out loud' or want to keep your workout very private, I want women to know that they do belong here, they can do this, and they will fall in love with this sport."

Classes are 90 minutes and provide women with the opportunity to experience a heart-felt meditation, meaningful movements and stretching, tricks and flows (both on and off the pole), ending with a choreographed routine. Classes are purposefully kept small and secure, and instructors know exactly what will work best for your body, mind and spirit—while keeping safety a priority.

With studios in Grand Rapids, Byron Center and Muskegon, there are plenty of classes to meet your busy working schedule. From a weekly planned class schedule to offering drop-in classes, we offer something for every woman.

Want to try it with friends? Do you have a special event like a bachelorette party or girls' night out coming up? Consider booking a Flirt Fitness Private Party! What a great way to experience a fun workout while having a great time with friends!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone has never felt so good. With a 92% retention rate, women who try it just once find themselves back for more! What are you waiting for?

Courtesy of Flirt Fitness Studios.


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