Vaginal Health: It’s OK to Talk About It.

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As many as 50 percent of 64 million post-menopausal women in the United States suffer from changes in their vaginal health, and more than 2.8 million are breast cancer survivors. And yet, only 25 percent of women seek assistance for symptoms. MonaLisa Touch can help.

A majority of women experience vaginal dryness, itching or burning after menopause, hysterectomies or breast cancer. MonaLisa Touch laser therapy is a simple in-office procedure that takes less than five minutes and restores vaginal health by generating new collagen, elastin and vascularization in the vaginal tissue.

Seems easy, right? Only five minutes of your time and it's completely safe, pain-free and hormone-free.

When we reference MonaLisa Touch, we refer mainly to the stage where our body is going through some changes, specifically menopause. When women experience menopause, it usually means there's a loss of ovarian activity. This occurs gradually over time with resultant permanent cessation of menstruation.

Transitioning into menopause isn't easy, and it obviously doesn't make it any easier when you're experiencing symptoms you haven't experienced before.

This is where MonaLisa Touch comes in. The treatment improves the health and pliability of the vaginal tissue. The CO2 laser penetrates light—or laser energy—deep into the layers of the vaginal wall, which stimulates collagen and returns the vaginal tissues to a state that was present prior to the changes induced by menopause.

A treatment cycle usually involves three treatments, six weeks apart, and then one treatment per year once the first three treatments are finished. A significant improvement in symptoms is reported after the first treatment.

Experts are calling MonaLisa Touch the breakthrough treatment that helps resolve intimate post-menopausal issues. The treatment has been a "life-changing" procedure for many women—and it's OK to talk about it.

Michigan OBGYN is proud to offer the MonaLisa Touch laser and seeks to continue offering women the opportunity to feel comfortable in their own skin again.

Michigan OBGYN provides comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic services to women of all ages in the Grand Rapids area with two locations. Learn more online at www.michiganobgyn.com.


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