Financial Well-Being: A New Year, A New Plan!

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Turning the page on a new year means so many activities to so many of us. The joy of writing on a new calendar, scrolling birthdays and anniversaries, scheduling annual appointments for dental, eye and physical exams for my family all make me happy in anticipation of a fresh New Year. One semi-annual appointment I encourage all of my friends and family to schedule is a Financial Well-Being Check Up with their financial institution. Things in everyone’s lives change every year - a new child, a grandchild, divorce or marriage. Perhaps this is the year you have set goals for yourself and your family. Making better choices in the food we eat, getting more exercise, or maybe saving money for a new car, planning a vacation for your family or saving for a college education. One constant in life is CHANGE and we need to plan for those changes the best we can.

Take the time to call your financial institution and schedule an appointment with your banker to review your personal accounts: checking, savings, credit cards, IRAs and your investment accounts. This is a great time to learn how to utilize on line technology including bill pay, mobile deposits or POP (Pay Other People) Money. Your financial institution will be happy to assist you and teach you how to enhance your skills. It’s also a great way to learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and discuss budgeting tools. Take advantage of these services at your financial institution and they will help you to meet your goals in the New Year and beyond!

If you would like to learn about banking, saving for retirement, budgeting or the ease of technology for banking check out pnc.com or feel free to contact me, Donna Jaskolski, Regional Manager Grand Rapids, via email at [email protected] or by phone at 616.771.9171.

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