The Design Process

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When we mentioned the idea of "remodeling" our logo to a number of different industry experts, without insulting or bluntly stating the facts, we were encouraged to "go for it."

From Start to Finish: The Readers Digest Version

We decided we were going to remodel our business logo and tagline. After all, nothing about our logo had changed in almost 20 years, but who Standale Interiors is was always evolving. To do this, we used the design process typically used when we do a remodeling project for customers.

We decided we were going for a full-blown remodel, rather than a few cosmetic changes. Next up was to decide the budget. (That darn "b word.") We interviewed several professionals and selected the company we felt was the best fit to satisfy our wants and needs. We then signed a contract, so we're all reading from the same book.

We started the design process by sharing our ideas, which we had gathered from colors, shapes, styles, and feelings we wanted to convey. Always remember: The most important thing in any relationship is COMMUNICATION.

We were then presented with the first interpretation of the design. Not bad. After a few tweaks, we had our new design. There were some things we hadn't thought to change, but it became obvious we needed to.

In the end, it's all worth it—especially if you've planned and had good partners along the way.

As you can see, whether you are designing a new logo or designing a new kitchen or family room, the process is the same. It's all about the process.

Visit us at standaleinteriors.com and see pictures of our process.

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