Elevated Autumn: Taking the Corny Out of Fall Decor

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Decorating for the fall season can feel like an all-or-nothing deal: Either you've got to commit to going full camp or do nothing at all. Turns out, there's actually a pretty simple middle ground. Though there's absolutely nothing wrong with embracing some of the (arguably delightful) tackiness often found in seasonal decor, it's entirely possible to decorate for the season in a way that conveys elegance and fully embodies an elevated overall style.

We spoke with Paige Avila, Manager and Designer for Stoffer Home by Jean Stoffer Design, to learn how to easily add autumnal touches to your home—without crossing over into corny territory (unless candy corn is your jam, then you do you).


"Switching out your decorative pillows is a great way to do this," Avila said, noting richer textures like velvet and wool are ideal for the fall and winter months. "It's amazing what refreshing your pillows for the season can do."

This same look can also be achieved with some cozy throw blankets.

"Opt for thick, knitted and warm throw blankets during the cold months that also double as decor," Avila said. "This is a simple change from summer to winter that will last a long time."


Much like your wardrobe colors can change with the seasons, Avila notes the colors of your home linens could also do the same.

"Consider combining a deep navy with a rusty orange or forest green with a dusty blue," she said.


When decorating for the season, Avila says incorporating seasonal greens is one step not to miss.

"This is probably the easiest way to bring some of the season into your home," she said, advising that local farmers markets and grocers usually carry in-season branches, flowers and dried stems. "I'm not talking corn husks and pumpkins. Instead, try birch twigs, dried flowers, eucalyptus and the like."

If you're on a budget, remember that our beautiful state readily offers many of these items free of charge. And they're likely already right in your own backyard!

"Go forage in your yard for some greens, because that's always free and brings an elevated, artistic and effortlessly stylish look every time," Avila suggests. "Gather some friends if you don't want to go alone and then have a little party to arrange all of your branches together."


One of the first things you notice when entering a room aside from the visual elements? Fragrance.

"Scents should change with the seasons!" Avila said. "We love using reed diffusers because they last for a good four to six months and are always working to disperse the scent into your home."

Avila's go-to scent is called Portobello Oud, which is available at Stoffer Home in both a candle and diffuser.

"It has top notes of ginger and bergamot, middle notes of sandalwood, oud and coriander, and base notes of leather, patchouli, musk and cedar," she said, adding that it's not too femenine and not too masculine. "It just smells really, really good."

All in all, Avila says it's important to decorate in a way that brings you joy and helps you enjoy your home.

"If there is only one thing you take away from reading this, keep in mind that too much of anything will look tacky," Avila said. "Remember that less is more!"

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in the Oct/Nov 2021 issue of West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Jenna Borst.


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