What Do You Do with Your Milk Caps?

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Family-Milk Caps CroppedFamilies with young children are beginning to implement chores into the daily routine. But like their working parents, children often feel the need to be compensated for their time and effort. Try this method of payment to teach children the worth of working hard.

Milk caps can be used as money each time your child completes a chore–one cap for each chore or more if the chore is particularly taxing. Exchange the caps for real money when your child has enough saved. For example, saving ten milk caps is equal to one dime. Help your child learn to save by only exchanging the caps when they have reached the allotted number.

Give this exercise more depth by teaching your children to divide their milk caps into three categories: savings, spending, and charity. Place three containers in your child's room labeled as such, and when she is paid for completing a chore, help her divide her earnings between the three categories.

More advanced earners may benefit from earning milk caps of different colors equal to different coin denominations. Start with simple chores, like helping sort the laundry and advance to things like cleaning the litter box or mowing the lawn.

Written by: Erika Fifelski was born and raised in West Michigan, and after a brief stint on the sunrise side, she's home and loving it. Her mom used to pay her in milk caps for drying the dishes and cleaning her room. Photo credit: anitapatterson

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