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Relationships-Personal CoachWe read a lot about relationships–how to get them, how to maintain them, what to do when we lose them. But what about entering into a relationship that will help you with all your other relationships? That's where Personal Coach Tricia Bosma comes in.

"I come along side a person, help them to decipher their agenda for life. Maybe they're having a problem at work or at home or they're just feeling stuck in some way in their life. I am there to listen to them, and I ask very deliberate, poignant questions to help them figure out the next step they need to take toward solving the dilemma," Tricia says.

Relationship coaches are not psychologists or doctors. They do not prescribe medication. They offer up trained advice in goal setting and achievement. Tricia says the relationship between a coach and her trainee allows for reflection on life's decisions whether they be big or small. It also fosters trust.

At the beginning of the coaching session, "we establish an agreement or covenant–this is what I expect from you, this is what you can expect from me. We go over that at the beginning, when I meet with the person initially," Tricia says.

There are confidentiality clauses within the agreement.

This method of trust establishment can be put to use in any relationship. Understanding personal needs and desires in relationships from the start and expressing them lays a foundation of honesty and cultivates confidence throughout the relationship.

Tricia learned about relationship coaching through her church at a time when she was in need of some practical life advice. With her children in school full-time, she was ready for something all her own that would give her a sense of daily fulfillment.

"It's helped me to make positive strides forward," she says. "I wanted to talk about the desire to do something more with life."

With first hand experience, Tricia knows the positive outcomes personal coaching can have. She is still training and is looking for coaching opportunities. E-mail her if you would like to talk with Tricia about personal coaching.

Written by: Erika Fifelski was born and raised in West Michigan, and after a brief stint on the sunrise side, she's home and loving it. Erika enjoys cooking, sewing, vacuuming, and discovering new ways to live sustainably and support local businesses. Photo: Julia Freeman-Woolpert

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