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When you look in the mirror, what do you see? At Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, a specialized team makes it their utmost responsibility to ensure each person portrays and enjoys the best version of herself. "We really believe in a natural look, and in beauty at every age," said Roxanne Cornelius, physician assistant

Ellie Rogers has endured set backs in her life. But to her, failure does not carry stereotypical negativity. From failure, she has learned. And because she has learned, she has the courage to share. That's what the 2013 Failure-Lab is all about—bringing local men, women, employees, and parents together to share how life's road has not always been smooth and straight. Brave presenters will put their stories on the table in hope that those who listen could learn, too. 

When Jane Lovett celebrated the proverbial ribbon-cutting of Peaches Bed & Breakfast in Grand Rapids' Heritage Hill neighborhood, she was either up-and-coming or out of her mind. 

Lori Precious has been directing for twenty years. But up until now, her projects consisted mainly of commercials, documentaries, music videos—basically everything but long-form narratives. As Lori puts it, it was time to cross over. Curse of the Sunset Starlet is a short film that has garnered international acclaim. It was nominated for Best Short, Best Short Screenplay, and Best Producer at the Madrid International Film Festival. The attention-getting film was also accepted into the Newport Beach Film Festival and, thanks to her hometown ties in West Michigan, screened at the Muskegon Museum of Art. 

Kristin Revere says she has a Type A personality—and in her former career, she had to. Working for more than four years in politics as a fundraiser required skill in organization and prioritizing, not to mention a lot of travel. But when Kristin was nearing the due date of her first baby, she knew she needed to make a change and slow down. Unfortunately, instead of easing into the last weeks of pregnancy as she'd planned, Kristin developed preeclampsia and was forced into bed rest and an early delivery. This was not the natural birth she'd imagined. So the second time around, Kristin made sure she knew her options.  

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