Residents Launch Lunch Plans That Feed Children in Need

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Many may never know the story of going without good food for days or trying to sleep hungry, but there is a simple way to help one child who does—dining at one of twenty-five restaurants through FoodCircles

Turning everyday privilege into aid, FoodCircles publicly launched http://joinfoodcircles.org and a free iPhone and Android App this week, allowing users to buy a dish for $1 (or more) and send one hundred percent of their purchase to feed hungry children locally or abroad. Each dollar puts one dinner on the table for a child in need, with venues such as HopCat, Brewery Vivant, and the Gilmore Collection restaurants all donating dishes on the platform.

android-apple-webLike purchasing a deal off sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, or Restaurant.com, users are able to make a quick $1 purchase on the app or online, and redeem the digital voucher for a dish worth $6-$12 at a restaurant. The restaurant recoups the expense through regular sales outside the initial dish as well as customer acquisition. “We help people who want to discover local restaurants, save money, and do good”, says FoodCircles founder Jonathan Kumar. “Your hunger is powerful.” Eric Tuinstra, general manager at Peppino’s, added “FoodCircles is a win/win/win for restaurants, customers, and those in need. Peppino’s is proud to be the latest to join the effort.”

FoodCircles launched their first Web and mobile app in 2012, donating $0.50 for each reservation made to Kids' Food Basket or World Vision. Now, the giving model allows for donations $1 and up for a dish (typically an appetizer or dessert). “At the very least, we’re doubling the amount of good we are doing. Amazingly, ninety percent of our early purchasers have even paid more than the minimum donation,” said Kumar. “We’re seeing between two and eight times the children, which is so encouraging. Imagine paying no more than you planned to for a dinner out, and providing dinner for eight local children in need.” 

Mockup Hand-iPhone“FoodCircles is an excellent example of what can happen when you bring together an entrepreneur, a philanthropic focus, and new ways to problem solve. They continue to impress me with their innovation,” said Scott Hill, partner at Varnum Law PLC.

FoodCircles curates great local restaurants, and provides dishes starting at $1 online. Your entire purchase goes to charity, feeding one child in need for each $1 spent. “Buy One, Feed One” diners have provided more than fifteen hundred meals, and now the team looks to expand into other Michigan markets. Learn more at http://joinfoodcircles.org.

Source: Jonathan Kumar

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