Creating Floral Magic

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West Michigan Woman sat down with Elizabeth Schenk, Owner and Lead Designer, Posh Petals, to discuss her vision behind the floral design for the upcoming Wine & Wig event in October, why having an all-female team rocks and why she's passionate about supporting the community.

WMW: Why is it important for Posh Petals to partner with West Michigan Woman for Wine & Wig?

ES: It's important to us that we support our community, and our partnership with West Michigan Woman over the last several years has been a meaningful and impactful way for us to accomplish that goal. Not only do we love working with the incredible team at West Michigan Woman, but Wine & Wig specifically is near and dear to us. This is a disease that is all too real to all of us, but we love that this event gives us an opportunity to celebrate the West Michigan community of support, research and treatment.

WMW: What are some considerations your team has when designing floral arrangements for Wine & Wig specifically?

ES: We try to make things vibrant, a bit funky and fun! This is an event where people let loose and have fun, and we like to embody that in our designs and flex our creative muscles to do something a little different.

WMW: What's your goal with the florals for this event? What are you hoping they add to the experience?

ES: Our goal is to add happiness and joy for participants and guests. We also hope our pieces give guests another talking point and spark conversation.

WMW: What's so special about Posh Petals being an all-female team?

ES: We find that we all understand each other well, and we've created a wonderful community at the shop. We also try to go above and beyond to help empower one another. However, we also recognize we wouldn't be able to do our jobs without support from men in the community; from our contracted employees, to local farmers, to business mentorship.

WMW: How can attendees find out more about Posh Petals and possibly learn how to create arrangements themselves?

ES: Guests are always welcome to stop by our shop located at 806 Bridge St NW, or to order or contact us through our website. You can also catch our products at the new Bridge Street Market in their floral department!


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