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We are hearing more and more about large businesses and Corporate Social Responsibility. Many have heard about Corporate Social Responsibility, but do not know what CSR is or think it is only something large corporations could embrace. Small businesses like yours could practice CSR—but first, what is it?

I recently received a LinkedIn request from someone I worked with years ago. She'd lost her job, through position elimination, and wanted to reconnect to see if I might be able to offer some assistance. It had been several years (five or more) since we’d even worked together. We were connected on Facebook, but that only gets you so far in staying in touch with your professional network.

Judy was a busy entrepreneur, focused on achieving success in her business and creating a large Free Market retirement plan so she could eventually retire and be financially independent. Her goal was to retire in fifteen years. Trouble was brewing, however ...   

Heather called our office. She and her husband wanted to move their portfolio to “three buckets” of fixed income, so they would no longer have any volatility in their portfolio. They would split up their money into three groups of bonds, each with different maturity dates and different interest rates.  

If someone tells you to change your investment portfolio because the market has changed, you definitely should NOT listen to that person!  

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