Burning Calories Can Be Easy

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How many of you are still battling with the extra weight you gained over the holidays? It often seems as though the last few pounds are the hardest to shed. But, losing the weight might be easier than you think, when you turn simple office tasks or household chores into opportunities to burn calories.

Try these tips on a daily basis to help burn extra calories:

  • Park further away from the door when going to work or the store.
  • Take the stairs over the elevator.
  • Walk—don’t call or e-mail—to talk about a project with co-workers.
  • Stand up and pace when using your smartphone to check e-mails and take calls.
  • Got a conference call? Try doing mini squats, stretching, or bracing your core (tensing your stomach muscles to support your spine).
  • Take the long way to the restroom, or even use the one upstairs.
  • Stand and iron while you watch your favorite television show.
  • Get up and do a five-minute cleaning session during commercials.
  • Wear a pedometer and challenge yourself to walk a few more steps this week than you did the week before.
  • Go ahead and fidget. You could burn up to 350 more calories each day, compared to someone who remains stationary. Tap your feet, pace, or move around in your seat.
  • Laugh! You could burn up to fifty calories if you laugh for ten to fifteen minutes per day.

See what you could do to turn your everyday tasks into opportunities to burn those extra caloriesand before you know it, the extra pounds will be history!

wellness20resizedWritten by: Gina Otterbein and Janis Kemper are licensed Physical Therapists and co-owners of Northern Physical Therapy. Northern Physical Therapy has five West Michigan locations, with therapists specializing in women’s health, fitness, and back and neck pain. More information may be found at www.northernpts.com.

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