Let’s Go Glamping!

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So ... You like the idea of camping. You like the trees and mountains, rivers and lakes, trails and forest floors. You want to spend time in The Great Outdoors with the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair and the earth beneath your feet. But maybe you want to be able to put your feet up at the end of the day.

Or maybe you don’t like the bugs. Or the dampness of sleeping bags soaked in rain. Or you like to feel the ground beneath your feet, but not under your back when you’re trying to sleep.

Maybe you don’t really want to go camping at all.

Then don’t.

Go glamping, instead!

Glamping, or “glamorous camping,” is a fusion of glamour and camping. You don’t have to pitch a tent, unroll a sleeping bag or build a fire. You can experience everything nature has to offer, without losing the luxury of a home or hotel.

There are some really expensive places to go glamping—like really expensive glamping resorts, with gourmet meals, drinks, massage treatments, horseback riding, whale watching and more. If you can swing that kind of glam, go glam! But most glamping vacations are great for budgets.

Here are some great resources for finding your perfect glamping experience on a budget that works for you:

1. Glamping.com offers a list of places to stay all over the world. Not only can you find your perfect vacation destination, but you can also find the perfect place to stay. This top-notch glamping website offers anything from cabins to teepees, barns to villas, eco-lodges to tree houses and more.

2. Try KOA Campgrounds. They’re abundant in the United States and Canada, and they offer spaces for patio sites and amenities for tent camping as well as cabins and other unique places to lay your head. KOA sites also offer activities that are perfect for families, such as climbing walls, jumping pillows, movie screenings and petting zoos.

3. Check out options on public lands. There are many beautiful places to visit in parks and forests, and along national seashores and lakeshores. Public lands also host options to stay in resorts, cabins, yurts, teepees and tents.

4. Glamp at home. Pinterest features plenty of ideas for glamping in your own backyard. You can fix your own accommodations, your own food and your own entertainment.

Photo courtesy of Paws Up Moonlight Camp.

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