Summer Hair Care Secrets

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The summer is all about soaking up all the glorious sunshine that Michigan has to offer this time of year. But have you thought about how the warmer weather might affect your hair? We sat down with Katelyn Stockdale (@katiemstockdale), Level 7 Stylist at Cheeky Strut Salon, to speak about best practices, tips and products that can help keep your hair healthy and protected while living your best life this summer.

According to Stockdale, the summer heat is notorious for sucking the moisture out of hair, causing strands to become dry.

"Just like our skin, the sun's UV rays can cause damage to the outermost layer of our hair, making the cuticle rough and more susceptible to frizz," Stockdale said. "The sun can also fade freshly colored hair, making it dull or brassy."

Stockdale suggests starting the summer off with a trim to set yourself up for less split ends and tangles, in addition to adding a heat protectant to your routine if you don't use one already.

"Some have a UV filter protectant and it's a bonus if it also helps fight frizz," she said, adding that salon quality shampoo and conditioner are also bare minimum must-haves. "Using a deep conditioner once a week is great, and maybe a styling product that helps you wear your hair more natural to avoid excess use of hot tools."

If you're looking for an all-in-one product, Stockdale is a fan of Oribe's Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray, which she says provides heat, frizz, and UV protection while adding light moisture without weighing hair down. If frizz is a major issue you're faced with in the summer, Stockdale also recommends a salon visit for a formaldehyde-free Keratin treatment, aimed at reducing frizz and delivering smoother, softer and more manageable hair.

There are also some color considerations to keep in mind.

"If you wear extensions, you should be using a mineral-based sunscreen," Stockdale said. "Some sunscreens have ingredients in them that cause a chemical reaction that changes the extensions to being orange or pink toned when the ingredients make contact with the hair and UV light."

If you're jumping in the lake or pool, first spray in a moisturizing protectant on your hair as a barrier from the sun, windy lake days, or help your hair not absorb as many harsh pool chemicals.

Don't forget to extend your protection by including a cute hat in your beach bag and styling your hair in a braid or bun!

Have You Heard of the Double Shampoo Method?
The whole idea is to shampoo your scalp twice in one shower session! The first wash is meant for breaking down product, buildup and oil from your scalp, while the second wash is what helps actually clean your scalp and hair. Double shampooing is especially helpful after swimming in chlorine or salt water. You should be left with an excellently clean scalp and strands that are perfectly prepped for any products or treatments. Just be cautious not to over do it by implementing this method too often (ex. every day).

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.


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