Who’s That Girl? Making Corporate Cool.

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Adding personality to your corporate wardrobe might seem difficult, but it's far from an impossible feat. Learn what tips Missy Black and Sarah Suydam have to offer for staying effortlessly chic in a corporate environment.

Besides a signature shade of lipstick, how do you stand out at work? Animal prints are huge this fall—and a signature bootie adds a new, fresh spin, notes merchandise manager and women's clothing buyer Deb Clark. Snake prints lean more toward a grey and black colorway, to naturally blend into darker clothing choices.

Another statement piece: the black wool scarf with an embroidered skull motif. This work of art pairs perfectly with a wool coat or cashmere sweater. Color pops in red will certainly turn heads—and even start conversations. From long shawl-like pieces to small neck scarfs that could also adorn a status handbag, scarves bring more integrity to tops, blazers and coats.

Add a twist to the traditional by seeking out staple work wardrobe items with flair—whether it's a lace accent on the cuffs of a silky blouse, a structured blazer in a fall-specific corduroy or a jewel-toned sheath with an unexpected ruffle. Don't shy away from changing up your look with handmade jewelry, like gemstone statement pieces from Lori Snyder. Add a flash of color with bold I Heart Eyewear blue-light reader glasses—a stylish and effortlessly cool way to protect your eyes throughout the day.

"Color, jewelry and patterns are your friend—not everything has to be a solid," said Mattie McCrory, style assistant at Dear Prudence. "Adding your personal touch could be subtle, like a sleek belt, fun earring or stylish loafer."

Are you blending into a sea of black and navy suits? Give them a show with a little sparkle! A golden cuff bracelet from Pieces of Me is adjustable and has a bespoke touch that celebrates your unique personality. Hair accessories are a wildly affordable way to get noticed. Scrunchies with built-in bows are pretty in a bun or wrapped into a low, classic chignon.

Show some character by getting crafty. Take a longer shirt, pull it through your belt loop, then wrap it around and knot it. Your sassy knot stays in place and stamps style identity on your look. Under a blazer or cardigan, this adds a wink of customization. "It's a fun trick we've been sharing," said Holland shop manager Laura Flom.

Written by Missy Black, a footwear fanatic, a style child, and a contributing writer for West Michigan Woman, and Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in West Michigan Woman.

Photos courtesy of Dear Prudence.

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