Surprises for Outdoor Fun in the Haus!

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Summer means spending lots of time outdoors. If you're looking to make the most out of your adventures under the stars and sun, Bill & Paul's Sporthaus has the equipment you need.

Some of it might surprise you!

Regular hikers, campers and paddlers already know that no one does outdoors like Bill & Paul's. Because they know your excursions aren't one-size-fits-all, they carry an incredibly wide selection of equipment, so you're bound to find exactly what you were looking for—or didn't even know you needed!

An additional point of pride for Bill & Paul's is their experienced and knowledgeable staff. Need help choosing a kayak for the first time? They've got you covered. Trying to find just the right shoes for your long hike? Easy. They help you select the right gear, ensuring your adventure is every bit as fun as you've planned. You might not know it, but they're also teeming with unique products that make any summer outing more comfortable and fun.

If sitting around the yard, beach, or campfire is up your alley, consider seating options from Nemo or Helinox. These are not your typical bag chairs! Tired of buying ice and pulling wet items out of your cooler? Dometic coolers provide amazing portable refrigeration—without the need for ice.

Sand on your glass or in your book while at the beach is such a bummer. Leave the sand on the beach with a packable table from Footstake or try a C-Gear Sandmat and never have sand on your blanket again.

Sunscreen: Apply it often ... and wear it! Freefly makes UPF-rated lifestyle clothing that provides protection from the sun and also looks great, from the boat to the patio.

For those playing on the water, NRS's H2Core Silkweight Hoodies are just the ticket. They provide protection from the sun, are quick-drying, and offer warmth on a cool summer evening. Top your outfit off with a fresh brim from Sunday Afternoons and keep those rays at bay!

Looking for a pair of shoes you can take from the lake to the brewpub? Astral has your new favorite kicks. Their Women's Lowyak is lightweight, breathable and quick drying—perfect for kayaking and carousing afterward.

Stop by their newly renovated store and peruse their shelves online for a variety of unexpected items. After, head outdoors—where summer fun awaits!

Content and photo courtesy of Bill & Paul's Sporthaus.

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