Summer Hair Care

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Summertime in West Michigan means more time spent outdoors and in the water—but what does that mean for our hair?

We all know exposure to the elements and hard minerals can be detrimental to the health of our hair. Check out these helpful tips from our friends at Design 1 Salon Spa, to keep your locks healthy and happy.

If you spend your summertime at the pool, you're a victim of chemical buildup. The solution to this is a simple salon visit for a Malibu treatment: a versatile tool to condition and revitalize hair by removing excess chemical and mineral buildup, such as chlorine and hard water. The Malibu treatment works by drawing pollutants from the outer and inner layers of the hair and leaves it soft and shiny, making it the perfect summertime treatment.

If you spend a lot of time outside soaking up the rays without a sunhat, you may be a victim of sun damage. The solution? SPF for your hair. Combating damaging summer rays is as simple as including an extra product in your hair care regimen. Many hair care lines have products that protect hair from sun damage, like the color fanatic spray from Pureology—a salon favorite.

Let's talk about your summer frizz. Sure, you're taking care to avoid all of the harsh elements and chemicals, yet you still have issues managing frizz. Why is this? It's likely protein depletion. Summer sun and humidity will quickly deplete your hair of the necessary proteins that keep it healthy and manageable. In the same way your skin needs some extra TLC after sun exposure, treatments are important to keep your hair healthy and frizz-free throughout the summer.

Visit the salon for a conditioning treatment or include anti-frizz products in your hair care regimen at home. A new salon favorite is the new Frizz Dismiss line from Redken. This Redken product line has options for all levels of frizz and all hair types and is formulated with lightweight babassu oil for more manageable, smooth, and shiny locks.

Now, you and your hair are ready for summer!

For more advice on your specific hair care needs, stop by the salon for a consultation with one of Design 1 Salon Spa's professionals.

Written by Patricia Terpstra, courtesy of Design 1 Salon Spa.

Photo courtesy of Design 1 Salon Spa. 

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