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Know the value of style with a new take on investment.

"You should invest in pieces that you need to fit your lifestyle," said Deb Clark, merchandise manager and buyer at Leigh's. "You can be litigating at a law firm or heading into a business casual office, so an investment piece for one person might not work for another."

Caliber Pieces

"Investment style works for your body type, career and lifestyle. When you decide what those items are, it's finding quality and that's what we do at Leigh's," said Clark, who believes in caliber pieces such as a cashmere sweater worn under a blazer for professional, business casual and casual environments.

"We also talk about wearing three pieces of clothing to feel more put together." The investment process might circle around a trifecta of pieces that create a solid fashion formula. The traditional trousers, blazer and blouse trio can be your easy style assets. Three pieces says you took the time and energy—and that's important.


Everyone should own a beautiful leather handbag. Choose an easy, effortless style from Kate Spade or the classic vintage, quilted lambskin bag from Chanel. Most important, look for polished styles that help you prepare for the day. Clark likes to call these bags the Big Sister/Little Sister. The ideal situation: Have a large tote that carries the everyday essentials and can hold a smaller handbag, which crosses over to a networking event as your day evolves.


It's about quality, comfort and what someone will continually wear. "We talk a lot about cost per wear. Items that hold up and look good are the investment." A classic black leather pump is a must. While the heel height should complement your body, find a chic upper that has a timeless appeal; variations can occur in heel height and the width of the heel. Chunkier and thicker heel widths are popular now in fashion—and the bonus? They provide more support than the typical stiletto.

"In terms of investment pieces, when you decide to set them aside for a while, then bring them back out, they'll look good again because the quality is there."

Visit Leigh's:
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Grand Rapids 49506

Missy Black is a footwear fanatic, a style child, and a contributing writer for West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Leigh's.

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