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Is bonding over blush a thing?

Just remember every bathroom makeup touch-up with your friends and it becomes clear.

When it comes to the topic of makeup and young girls, Jenna Rice, owner and lead makeup artist of About Face, knows where to start.

"It's important for moms to listen to their daughters' reasons on why they might be showing interest," said Rice.

Her cosmetic and skin care boutique offers quality products and is staffed by licensed professionals, yet Rice is also a parent who gets that makeup can mean different things to people.

"It's easy for parents to assume it's because they want to be more grown up, but it might be that they want to fit in like other girls or cover acne."

Whatever the reason, the makeup conversation will arise and the advice of professional services is always a help. From cosmetics to skincare services, About Face wants to take the intimidation out of the beauty experience, so guests can purchase products, ask questions and gain information in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're in the market for a lash lift, lash growth serum or microdermabrasion procedures, the boutique strives to be a one-stop beauty spot—and its class list proves it.

Events can be brand-focused with new product launches or specific to real-life scenarios. A Desk to Date Night event featuring a stylist from a local hair salon giving a tutorial on a full look from the office to the evening is in the works, as well as 15-minute mommy makeovers and teen classes. The next gathering is the Mother/Daughter Makeup Class that can be viewed as simple makeup instruction ... or it might just be something deeper.

"I have two daughters. I know a lot of moms want to take their daughter to a professional to have makeup lessons, but there's something special about being with your mom and having her do your makeup," said Rice, who details the class' mission to cover skincare first—even the importance of nighttime routines. "They say you age your face seven days when you don't take your makeup off at night."

Rice—who thinks 12 is a good age to approach the subject of skincare and makeup—has a lesson before the lesson.

"I would start exploring the real meaning of beauty," said Rice.

"Talk to your daughter about what she thinks beauty is, share funny mishaps or stories on makeup, and help her define her own beauty with or without makeup."

Mothers and daughters are encouraged to visit About Face for consultations and to browse the store for products.

"I know my daughter responds differently when mom says something rather than hearing it from a professional," said Rice, whose daughter will be attending the May class that covers tips and tricks for early teens to more mature ages.

While the workshop will offer discounts, samples and a gift bag valued at $50, Rice's hope is that the time together strengthens the bond between mothers and daughters, encouraging them to enjoy a night out for dinner or get ice cream afterward.

It's an opportunity learn, spend some fun time together and stay close.

Info box: The Mother/Daughter Makeup class is held May 10. The price is $50 per couple and guests receive a complimentary gift bag and enjoy refreshments. Space is limited. Contact About Face, 2237 Wealthy St. SE, at 616.288.5877.

Written by Missy Black, a footwear fanatic, style child and contributing writer for West Michigan Woman.


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