What to Wear: From Work to Evening Functions

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Style-Work to Function NewFor after hours events, working women have just as much time for a wardrobe change as they have to exercise everyday. But finding an ensemble that translates from business casual to a night out is tough. Outfit yourself in versatile styles that work in the cubicle and at a nighttime soiree.

Basic dark dresses or suits are easily dressed up with glittery accessories. A businesswoman should own a dress or pants outfit that is formal enough to wear out to dinner but with change of shoes and jewelry, can be dressed up for a cocktail party or other event. These accessories are more easily swapped out than an entire change of clothes and can be kept in the car until it's time to head to the evening's function.

A dress-jacket ensemble works in a pinch as well. Wear the jacket over your dress during work, especially if the dress has a low-cut back, and remove it for the night's event. Throw on some long, dangly earrings, and higher pumps to take your outfit to the next level. If you have a little time between events, switch out your work blouse for a sparkly top to dress up your suit.

Low cut shirts and see-through fabrics are not appropriate attire for any work situation. Instead, stick to basic outfits that can be trimmed with ornamentation to make you, and your outfit, shine.

With a quick trip to the bathroom to accessorize, touch up your makeup and hair, you'll be ready for any affair.

Written by: Erika Fifelski was born and raised in West Michigan, and after a brief stint on the sunrise side, she's home and loving it. Erika enjoys cooking, sewing, vacuuming, and discovering new ways to live sustainably and support local businesses. Source: Sherry Maysonave Photo: Annika Banfield

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