Don't Use the F-Word ...

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Hands-free living is making a comeback with a variation of the fanny pack. Excuse my language ...

Just hearing the words "fanny pack" can make you wince. I actually used the phrase "waist blemish" in this interview with Elyse Welcher, owner of Littlewings Designs, quite possibly the woman who is giving fanny packs a better name—literally.

"I call them hip pocket belts," says Welcher.

And they come in three different styles. Basically belts with a small pouch attached, they're available in classic black and brown high-quality leather, funky mustard yellow, teal and violet/purple colors with custom sizing options from small to extra-large.

It's the whole hands-free feeling that Welcher loves, and the design was part of her travel-inspired senior capstone where a professor told her: "You can't use the word fanny pack. It's too bad of a term."

During the design process, Welcher attended 12 concerts as well as Bonnaroo and noticed a purse didn't cut it—especially when she was out touching and buying fabrics during the research of the product.

"I wear mine on the regular—in the studio, day to day, if I don't have pants with pockets." 

It's a more stylish, streamlined version of the frumpy, super boxy, masculine fanny packs of the past. Welcher's fashionable approach was the answer to her question: "How do I make it look like someone didn't grow something weird out of their body?"

The hip pocket belt is geared toward giving you your hands and freedom back. It's embraced in the handcrafted community, made a comeback in street style, is perfect for shopping and—because of its usefulness—is commonplace at music and art festivals.

Take a peek at the hip pocket at www.etsy.com/shop/littlewingsdesigns and dream up ways to wear it.

Written by Missy Black, a footwear fanatic, style child and contributing writer for West Michigan Woman.


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