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Ever walk into a room in your house and think, "This rooms needs to be refreshed!"? Some areas of your home probably look just fine, but it seems all of us have a room that has wilted and needs to be refreshed.  

You don’t have to break the bank to refresh your home. The first step is to decide if any part of the room needs to be organized.  Let’s start with a living room–remotes are always laying around, DVDs are jammed underneath the entertainment cabinet, magazines are in a pile on the floor or on the coffee table. Purchase a basket to place the remotes out of site, but easy to get too. Baskets are awesome to use to organize DVDs. A basket on the floor or in the corner can hold magazines.

Now it’s time to colorize! Your accent color can change with the season. Bright colors are great for spring and summer. Purchase pillow covers to cover current pillows. Add a table runner in your dining room or on a coffee table. Look for pottery or ceramic pieces that pull in your accent color. Candles and candle holders can add just the right touch to any room. Step back and really look at your room. Where can you add that little splash of color?

Places to add color to a room–walls with paint, pictures on the wall (tip: remember to hang odd number of items on your wall), pillows on sofa, throw on a chair, coffee and end tables, fireplace mantels, book shelves. Add your favorite blooms in shapely glass vases to provide the finishing touch!

Colorized rooms say, “welcome” to family and friends alike. Sit back and enjoy your new refreshed room.

Written by: Mary Manier is an independent representative for Signature HomeStyles. One-on-one appointments and home parties are available. Share your organizational and decorating tips on her Facebook page.

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