Feng Shui Your Bathroom

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Spaces-BathroomFengShuiMake your bathroom a sanctuary, after all, it is where we begin and end every day. De-clutter and fang shui your space, and you will find it to be a more restful and inviting room of the house.

According to Kristine Lewis of Get Organized, clutter robs your rooms of chi, or energy. In the bathroom, this creates unwanted stress and discomfort while preparing for the day or for bed. Things to de-clutter include your bathroom's waste basket, empty product bottles, unnecessary accessories like extra soap dishes and cloudy bathroom mirrors. Let the engery flow when you clear your unnecessary clutter.

Out with the Old
Chances are the inside of your bathroom cabinet houses things no longer useful to you. Throw away outdated prescription bottles, and anything with an expired date for that matter. Over-the-counter products and medicines are not the only thing that can expire. Remember to check the dates on your toiletries and cosmetics, including sun screen and toothpaste!


Group your bathroom items together according to their function. Keep them in containers to avoid loose clutter on your countertops or bathtub ledge. Bath toys should be stored in mesh bags to allow them to dry out properly and hung from the tub or shower. Install hanging devices if you do not have them already, and make sure you have plenty for towels, washcloths and hand-towels.

Source: Kristine Lewis of Get Organized offers three ways to make your bathroom more inviting. Photo credit: Marcos Agrelli.

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