Five Unique Ways to Display Holiday Cards

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This time of year, holiday cheer can be found all around us. What better way to infuse that joy throughout your home than intentionally incorporating the holiday cards you receive into your decor?

In honor of her new book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, we sat down with Liz Marie Galvan, West Michigan local, co-owner of the Found Cottage in Hudsonville and USA Today best-selling author, to get her expert tips on cleverly displaying these classic holiday staples.

When approaching holiday decor, Galvan notes that though the goal is to be cozy, keep in mind that term means something different to everyone and social media should merely serve as inspiration.

"I always say that cozy to me is my five senses being at peace at once," Galvan explained. "How many times have you loved the smell of a candle and someone else hates it? We all celebrate differently. We all decorate differently. And what's important to me might not be important for you."

Using holiday cards in your decor adds an eclectic, nostalgic vibe to your home, Galvan says, especially during an age where digital media often reigns supreme.

"I think everyone would agree that getting sent something physical—instead of something that can digitally be sent to just anyone—means so much more," she said. "You can even inspire other people to send cards by sending them one. And I think that's the way to keep that tradition alive.

"Once someone receives a card, it's kind of like a big hug. I can text my friends and family instantly any day of the year. So the effort that goes into making that special, actual physical card show up has a lot more meaning these days."

Galvan offered the following tips for displaying your favorite cards this holiday season:


Galvan suggests using magnets and attaching holiday cards to any metal surface that fits your style, whether it's an old chalkboard or antique metal sled or tin piece. Antique stores offer a bounty of options, so don't be afraid to think outside the box.


"Last year, I had garland going up our stairs and I clipped some cards up with some clothesline pins," Galvan said. "That was a really fun way to do it. And it added this extra texture to our garland that was so cozy and unexpected."


Because everyone's home is different, you may not have a staircase to work with. In that case, consider draping some twine or garland (store bought or handmade) along a mantel or bookshelf to hang your favorite cards from. Think broad! This could be done in your living room or even in your kitchen.


Whether you simply stand them up or use another display method on your entryway table, Galvan suggests featuring your holiday cards for guests to see immediately upon entering your home.

"I think it's really neat, especially if you're going to have guests over who sent a card to you," she said. "That can be really special for them to see that you really love the card they sent you!"


"Grab a cup of hot cocoa, go over to your holiday decor display and read through some of your cards," Galvan advises. "Read the updates, see the photos of the families in your life. It's just a really cool way to bring the holidays into your home and something that I do because at the beginning of the season, they slowly trickle in. I'll keep some from the past year and will put them out, too."

For more holiday card tips, check out tip no. 95 in Cozy White Cottage Seasons: 100 Ways to Be Cozy All Year Long, which is out now and available wherever books are sold. For more home décor tips from Liz Marie Galvan, visit lizmarieblog.com.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in the Dec/Jan '21-'22 issue of West Michigan Woman.


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