Adding Character to Your Home

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How does your home show character? It's all in the details that shout creativity.

Do you have fun with color? Are you creative with your art pieces? From the moment someone walks into your abode, does your home tell them that you're funny, classy and have charisma? Or does it tell them that you're ... well ... boring?

The element of surprise can bring on conversation, as well as help create unforgettable memories.

Delight In Designs took a whole new spin to the typical "Laundry List" by having one of their clients ask their houseguests to write well wishes, quotes and jokes directly on the wall in their laundry room. This was a fun and inventive approach that sparked memories of times well spent with family and friends. A conversation piece, for sure!

Most folks know, chaos is the new normal and we're almost always accustomed to doing two or three things at once! Wouldn't it be nice to have a space in your home for rest, calmness and a sanctuary for you to celebrate YOU? A fine glass of wine tastes much better when your home is designed in a way that helps you enjoy, from the first sip all the way to the last. Delight In Designs uses lighting, organization and even sound to help achieve peace. Ensure a soft throw is always positioned on the sofa for those times when you want to curl up and read a good book; include comfy pillows and soft lighting ... and don't forget the wine!

Gone are the days of hiding family photos in a hallway or down in the basement. Pull those old photos out and show off your great-great-grandfather who grew up on your family farm or even the awkward phase of you in braces in junior high. Start to celebrate those photos!

Delight In Designs believes a well-loved home is one that has family photos, art that's been passed down or uniquely repurposed items like your Aunt Jean's rolling pin you now use as a towel bar in the kitchen. Tell your story through your décor. How did you land in West Michigan? What is your journey?

Regardless of how much time you spend at home, your home should always remind you of your personality while offering a place of comfort and telling your life's journey.

Delight In Designs is a new shopping experience in West Michigan. We are open three days a week, while the other three are spent helping our clients create spaces to show off their charisma, tranquility and personal story!

Visit Delight In Designs online and at 5426 Northland Drive NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49525.

Written by Jessica Crosby, Delight In Designs.

Content and photo courtesy of Delight in Designs.

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