Make GVSU Your Conference and Events Destination

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When you think of Grand Valley State University, you likely first think of college students and their various studies.

But you don't have to be enrolled to take advantage of the various meeting spaces GVSU offers—in the heart of Grand Rapids and on the Medical Mile. Whether it's a brief small business meeting or a large celebration with hundreds of guests, event space and amenities abound.

Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus

Located on the banks of the Grand River, The Eberhard Center offers a number of popular conference facilities, including the 180-seat Grand Rapids Press Teleconference Auditorium. Additionally, the Paul A. Johnson Conference Hall offers a capacity of up to 500, a 20-seat executive boardroom, the versatility for multiple breakout sessions, and lobby areas with spectacular views of the Grand Rapids skyline.

The facilities within DeVos Center support the academic mission of Grand Valley and provide a venue for university business and entertaining, as well as other business and community education. The center features the Charles W. Loosemore Auditorium, the largest of a variety of areas available, with 232 seats. Don't forget about the exterior gardens and courtyard area.

The Seidman Center features a state-of-the-art Tilkin Financial Markets Center, case rooms, breakout rooms for team interaction, and an accounting tutoring lab. The center also has a beautifully appointed multipurpose space, with seating for up to 200 guests in a variety of setup arrangements. An executive boardroom for 30 guests also overlooks the Pew Campus.

The Bicycle Factory, located on the south edge of campus, is ideal for training sessions. This building sits on the historical site of the Grand Rapids Bicycle Factory, which was destroyed by a fire in 2007.

Complimentary parking, Wi-Fi and expansive audiovisual equipment are also available at all locations. So, where will your next event be?

Content and photo courtesy of GVSU.


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