Ringing in Spring (For Good, Hopefully)

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Ringing in Spring (For Good, Hopefully)

Is it safe to say that spring is here?

There may be the occasional snow day in the third week of April, but we think the number of Chacos and Birkenstocks we're seeing out on the streets is a telltale way of Michiganders saying that spring is here—whether the weather agrees or not!

So, what better time to do some spring cleaning than now? Whether it's that junk drawer we all have in our kitchens, that office closet that needs some Marie Kondo-ing, or even emotional clutter that has been piling up ... Well, we can't really help with the cleaning part, sad to say.

But we can definitely help with the "spring" part of spring cleaning.

Here are a few ways to welcome spring into your life.

Clutter comes in many forms and we all know that music can be a huge trigger for many things. Now is the time to spring clean your playlist and add songs that bring life!

A sign of life is a tried-and-true way of welcoming spring into your home or office space. Whether it's a floral arrangement, a house plant, or even a mini succulent, you'll be amazed at how much flowers or plants can bring life into your own!

Try using bright-colored bedsheets, a new rug or a lighter table runner. These simple, yet significant (not to mention cost-effective) changes can really affect your mood.

I think we can all agree: We could use a pick-me-up from the horrible winter we just experienced. Why not host a floral design or plant potting class for the office? It's a casual way of getting the team together and making something for spring! You're killing two birds with one stone.

Both metaphorically and physically. Open yourself up to new experiences and people, because you'll never know what you can learn about yourself until you step outside your comfort zone. At the same time, open those doors and windows. It's amazing what some sunlight can do for you!

Interested in hosting a floral or plant workshop? The Posh Petals team is ready to take care of that for you. Call 616.363.3337 or email [email protected] for inquiries about hosting a class or purchasing a floral arrangement.

Visit Posh Petals at 806 Bridge Street NW today to browse the selection of plants and succulents. Just a warning: They are incredibly cute.

Written by Jen Lyn Sin, Marketing Manager, Posh Petals Floral.

Photo courtesy of Posh Petals. 

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