A Longstanding Family Business Arrives in West Michigan

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After 80 years in business in Metro Detroit, Hagopian World of Rugs and Cleaning Services is now extending its unique services to the West Michigan community.

West Michigan Woman sat down with Edmond Hagopian to learn more about why family is important and how the company gives back to the communities they serve.

Founded by Haroutun (Harry) Hagopian in 1939, Hagopian World of Rugs and Cleaning Services is heavily rooted in family values.

"Together with my two sisters, Suzanne and Angela, we have carried on the family business, building on the values passed on by our parents while also making improvements to move our company forward," said Edmond Hagopian, president of Hagopian World of Rugs and Cleaning Services.

"The three of us are all passionate about our business and take great pride in the fact that we have so many long-term employees and customers."

That loyalty has helped Hagopian grow to become a household name in the Metro Detroit area. Yet two years ago, when Hagopian decided to open a Grand Rapids location, they realized making the community aware of their offerings wasn't easy. And it turned out to be a real learning experience.

"We had so much brand recognition in Detroit that we relied on, so starting in a new area didn't come naturally to us," said Edmond. "We spent countless hours talking about how to introduce our company to customers who didn't know Hagopian name."

Edmond notes that going through that process was actually wonderful, as it made the company much more conscious about how hard it is to introduce Hagopian to new customers in a new market. When the company wrote their radio scripts that would air in Grand Rapids, they realized they would have to leave time to spell their name.

"H A G O P I A N ... Something we never needed to do before."

Beyond stellar services, the Hagopian family and company prioritize community involvement.

"In the Detroit area, we have formed close connections with many animal rescue and shelter groups, like the Michigan Humane Society," said Edmond, adding that the company recently participated in the West Michigan Pet Expo and made some wonderful connections in their new community.

"My sisters and I are all animal lovers and we know our customers are as well! One of the first groups we reached out to support when we opened our new location on 28th Street was the West Michigan Humane Society."

Another effort Hagopian hopes to expand to West Michigan is the Hagopian Student Rug Design Competition and Scholarship, which has been offered through the College for Creative Studies in Detroit for the past 28 years.

"The winner gets a check for $1,500 and we also make their winning design into an actual rug!"

Edmond notes that the company is open to suggestions from Grand Rapids area institutions that might like to work with them on getting something similar started.

"We know that we have a lot more work to do before we become a household name in the Greater Grand Rapids area—but we also know we're up for the challenge!"

Learn more by visiting Hagopian World of Rugs and Cleaning Services.

Courtesy of Hagopian World of Rugs and Cleaning Services.

Photo courtesy of Gene Meadows.

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