11 Emotions Everyone Feels While Spring Cleaning

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Even though it's technically spring, winter just won't seem to take the hint.

One thing that always makes us feel optimistic about the inevitable supply of sunshine and flowers is some good ol' spring cleaning.

But it's not always as simple as it seems in our heads. Have you experienced any of these emotions while spring cleaning?

Initially, you're in denial with the level of dirty you're now confronted with after letting winter get the best of you.


But you take a deep breath ... and dive in.


Remembering where all the cleaning supplies are, however, is half the battle.


Choosing the right music or podcast is vital to your productivity.


After getting started, you begin to think this might be easier than you thought, after all!


Then you move the fridge and discover a sandwich that's so old and is such an abomination, it has come to life and now owns your house.


You know SOMETHING had to go wrong, eventually.

And you realize that sometimes, it's easier to pretend cleaning is your own personal concert—taking place in an alternate universe where you're the frontwoman of Kansas, singing "Dust in the Wind."


Eventually, you're in so deep that you begin to consider moving and leaving it all behind.


Luckily, you're able to enlist the rest of the family to help.


And you feel that incredibly satisfying feeling of plopping down on the couch, once it's all done.


Happy spring cleaning! Try not to drink too much wine along the way.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.

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