A Space of One’s Own: The Extra Room You Never Knew You Had

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When it comes to adding extra value to an outdoor space, homeowners increasingly look to quality decking and fencing to capture that "unplug and unwind" vacation feeling, right at home.

"A well-built fence that works in harmony with the home and yard not only adds curb appeal but gives homeowners a sense of privacy and security by keeping children and pets confined, while keeping out unwanted guests," said Chris Camfferman, Managing Director of Marketing, Universal Forest Products.

Camfferman notes homeowners are beginning to design their outdoor spaces just as they would their home's interior—realizing their space goes from property line to property line, rather than wall to wall.

"A deck is consistently one of the top three remodeling projects in terms of return on investment for a home. A well-done deck, using quality materials, will last a long time," said Camfferman, who mentions several up-and-coming decking trends:

  • Mixing and matching complementary colors with picture-framed decks—a standard for most professional deck builders.
  • Rooftop decks in urban spaces—commercial and residential.
  • Aluminum railings in more warm and luxurious colors.

Additionally, according to the PantoneView home + interiors guide for 2019, colors like Rich Cappuccino, Spicy Chili Pepper and Cayenne will be used more often, paired strategically with a home's exterior.

Fencing can dramatically change a space and lets homeowners creatively switch things up. Camfferman explained that dog-ear privacy fencing continues to be a popular choice, now with the added convenience of pre-stained wood, along with two-tone, mixed-material fencing.

"Perhaps the most popular trend we're seeing in fencing is a horizontal privacy fence, where pickets run horizontally from post to post creating clean lines and a flat top, giving an outdoor space a modern vibe."

Fencing is versatile. And it's important to know it can be used for more than merely defining your property line.

"It can be used to accent a garden, add curb appeal for a walk, define a particular space in the yard, or conceal something like an AC unit or a compost bin," Camfferman notes.

"With some careful planning, the outdoor space can add real value to a home, enhance your lifestyle, and help to create lasting memories with friends and family."

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.

Photo courtesy of Universal Forest Products. 

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