Backyards in Bloom

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With sunnier skies in the horizon, adding color and greenery to your outdoor spaces may be highlighted on your to-do list. But where to start? Katey Romence, Romence Gardens & Greenhouses co-owner, offers some tips to really make your yard pop.

Start by considering your lifestyle. Evaluate your level of experience, free time, overall goals and desirable look.

"Gardening is wonderful but can be a lot of work. Containers are a great way to garden for the beginner," said Romence, adding that containers are also a great way for those with smaller outdoor areas to maximize their design space. "Build vertically with wall hanging planters or stack them with cool stands, tables and shelves."

A bonus with containers? They can be brought inside during winter. You could also take things to the next level by planting in large bunches—rather than one plant by itself—and incorporating varying textures.

"A large clump of one or two colors spaced around the yard gives it flow, versus a large variety of color that can come off a bit disorganized," said Romence. "But you have to know who you are! I like an accent color that works its way through the whole garden.

Too much and it tends to get messy for me."

With annuals, Romence notes, you can add great pops of color and have the freedom to change accent colors every year.

"Coordinate your patio umbrella, add fun pillows and outdoor art for the perfect back yard setting!"

When it comes to trends, Romence loves climbing vines and shade gardens that use tropical and indoor plants.

"By placing a large philodendron in a pot and then adding lime trailers and bright white impatiens, I can have a beautiful shade pot that can easily be moved inside when it gets colder."

Tie everything together with pots made of the same material, in different sizes and shapes.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.


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