4 Kitchen Design Ideas You Can Try for Your Remodel

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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids is the leading kitchen remodeling company in our area thanks to our decades-long industry experience and design-build process. Our designers will help you conceptualize your new kitchen and help you with product selection and planning.

Here are four minimalist design ideas to explore for your kitchen:

Add glamour to your kitchen.

A dark color scheme can make your kitchen look glamorous, but the key is not to overdo it. You can choose a dark color for your wallpaper and cabinetry, but use lighter shades to serve as accents. For example, if your cabinets are dark brown, using light brown stools will work.

Make your kitchen look striking.

A monochrome light color scheme will make your kitchen look striking, serene and ethereal. However, it can also make your kitchen seem boring. Avoid this through carefully selected accents. The stone countertop can have subtle streaks of gray or you could display colorful flowers. As kitchen and bath remodeling experts, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids can give you more ideas during our consultations.

Keep things cozy.

Your kitchen will look cozier if you use more traditional designs for your cabinetry, shelving and doors. White and light blue are safe color choices if you want your kitchen to look more relaxed. Consider using a simple black and light gray checkerboard design for the flooring, too.

Mix things up.

Contemporary kitchen design is looser than modern designs. Instead of focusing completely on minimalism and sleek and open spaces, you can afford to add a traditional touch. Consider adding a vintage chandelier or similar vintage decor to a minimalist design. It will stand out and act as the perfect focal point for visitors.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Greater Grand Rapids can also help you with your exterior remodeling projects. We are a faith-based organization that can assist homeowners throughout the entire remodeling process, from planning to production. In addition, we can make remodeling projects a quick and hassle-free experience. Call us at 616.632.2284 to learn more about our services and products. We serve Grand Rapids and other nearby areas.

Courtesy of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.


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