Do the Tangerine Tango

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Spaces-Tangerine Tango RoomEver wonder how designers know what is next? Luckily with all the technology tools available today, it is just as easy for West Michigan designers to stay on trend like big city designers. There is no longer any reason for the Midwest to be behind New York and California.

One source we use at Allard Design to predict color trends is Pantone. Each year Pantone makes color forecasts for what the BIG color of the year will be. Pantone LLC is known globally for their expertise on color. “For more than 45 years, Pantone has been inspiring design professionals with products, services and leading technology for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity,” according to Patone. Pantone is known for its color matching system with the print world and also for colored paint, fabric, and plastics. The printing aspect of Pantone’s system allows designers to match specific colors so it will be the same color printed or viewed anywhere.

So what are the experts at Pantone predicting for 2012?  

Tangerine Tango.

Spaces-Tangerine Tango

This color is “vivacious and appealing reddish orange.” Tangerine Tango was selected for color of the year because of its “sophisticated and dramatic undertones.” This year’s color is energetic and moves you forward. Tangerine Tango has been seen lately in fashion, which tends to be a bit ahead of furnishings and interiors.

Pantone’s color report for fall 2012 includes a background of neutrals with bold accents of color. These background colors really make the bold colors stand out. We are seeing this approach in color palettes for the office. Bold colors are mixed with subtle backdrop.  When used in an office setting these colors will make any space vibrant and speak to the company’s brand.

We are proud to say that at Allard Design completed several projects in 2011 featuring Tangerine accents even before we knew it was going to be named the hot color of the year. Photographed here is a product that we did partnering with Turnstone Furniture for a client in  Oakland, California. You can see our rendering and the completed photos. Using manufacturers like Turnstone is an easy way for designers stay on trend. Turnstone hires color experts to develop and update their palettes so they always have something fun to offer.

Written by: Michelle Allard and Megan McCarthy of Allard Design LLC. Megan is a design intern for Allard Design LLC, wrapping up her last year at Kendall College of Art and Design a CIDA accredited interior design program. Megan is looking forward to working in the commercial field of interior design. Photos: Pantone, Turnstone

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