Gloves Off for a Healthy Relationship

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Relationship-Gloves Off copySometimes it is necessary to take a step back from your relationships and analyze what is going right and what is not. There are some qualities in a relationship that cannot be compromised.

In any relationship, mutual respect is paramount. A relationship is made up of two individuals who have just that, individuality. By allowing the other person to maintain and even develop his or her identity, you prove that you value that person's personality and originality. You don't always have to be the same or like the same things, in fact, in any relationship, there is a give and a take. By respecting each other, you will both allow yourselves to grow.

Be honest with yourself and with others. Trust is at the core of a relationship. Following through on promises starts with only making promises you can keep. Jealousy often challenges the trust factor in relationships. Build upon your trust and know that what is most important about any emotion is how it is handled.

Communicate often and well. Men and women often feel different emotions, yet they are still equally important. Feelings can become confused, especially when people in a relationship do not take the time to discover what the seed of that emotion is. When negativity emerges, take off your boxing gloves. Sit together, face each other, hold hands even, and talk through the problem from beginning to end. Patience, words and sometimes space will conquer miscommunication. Remember to communicate positive emotions too!

Source: KidsHealth.org. Photo credit: bfurnace.

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